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Any Requests? May 15, 2010

Travel Art Dance Company will be holding an informal “Any Requests?” performance on Saturday May 15 to farewell a couple of our dancers (and to welcome back a couple of others!). For those of you who’ve not been to one of these performances before, we’ve included description and instructions below… And for those of you who are old hats at the requests concept and would welcome an additional challenge, we would be especially keen to work with any requests that are vaguely related to fairy tales, fables, storytelling, etc. We are working on a larger-scale production at the moment that draws on these themes, and because your requests have been so successful in drawing us out of our comfort zone previously (in many different directions!) we’d love some raw material from you to feed into our creative process.

WHERE? Downstairs at Dancehouse, 150 Princes Street North Carlton
WHEN? Saturday May 15, 5:00 PM and 7:30 PM
COST? This is a free event, but if you would like to make a contribution towards our running costs it would be gratefully received – we’ll have a donation box floating around with one of our volunteers on the night

As always, if you know which show you’re coming to and you know you are bringing a request please let us know so we can give it priority – it would be helpful to know the nature of your request (e.g. prop, music, direction, image) but please DON’T tell us what your request actually is. Otherwise feel free to just turn up!

We look forward to seeing you again soon,



Q. How does the show work?
A. Members of the audience are invited to bring a request with them to the show (although bringing a request isn’t a requirement of being part of the audience!). There will be volunteers collecting and compiling the requests as audience members arrive, so that the performers are kept suitably unaware of them… The performers start on stage and, as requests are played/presented in the space, they create an improvised performance work around each one. There is no prior discussion between the performers, and nothing about the performance is set or choreographed beforehand.

Q. What can I request?
A. Almost anything, as long as the content isn’t obscene, dangerous or potentially damaging to the venue (no naked flame requests!). Music tracks, props, directions, spoken word, images, etc.

Q. Do you need to know any details about my request?
A. You don’t need to tell us any details about your request before the show, unless your request is something that may require particular arrangements for us to be able to accommodate it. In that case, please let us know in advance.

Q. If I have a music request, is there a particular format it needs to be?
A. For ease of collecting requests, we would prefer you to bring your music request on CD if possible. However, we are able to accommodate other formats – if you would like to bring a music request in a format other than CD please just send us an email ( and let us know.

Q. Can I request more than one thing?
A. If your request is a combination of things (e.g. an image with a direction, or a prop with a piece of music) that’s fine. But our shows are unfortunately not long enough for us to accept more than one discrete unit of request input per person!

Q. Will you use every request you receive?
A. It depends how many we receive on a given show. Our request-collecting volunteers will compile the requests for us, and if we receive many more than we have time to use, they may need to use their discretion about which would make the best combination for a show. We can also combine requests from different audience members (e.g. if you have a prop you would like to be used with someone else’s music request, or an image you are happy to have used with someone else’s direction, etc.). Just let our volunteers know whether you’d prefer your request to be combined or not.

Q. What should I do if I have a question that’s not on this list?
A. Email us (, or leave a comment via our website, myspace or facebook and we’ll get back to you.