Meah Velik-Lord

Meah is the Artistic Director of Travel Art Dance Company and has been teaching, choreographing and performing with the group since 2003. Meah holds a Diploma in Teaching Creative Dance from Mangala Studios of Yoga and Creative Dance (where she has been dancing herself since early childhood) and a Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy from Dance Therapy NZ. Meah is currently undertaking teacher training in Mettler-based Creative Dance with Mettler Studios, and has also trained in movement improvisation, gymnastics, acrobatics and contemporary dance.

Meah has a particular interest in the relationship between choreographed dance, improvisation and acrobatic movement in performance. Her current work also focuses on exploring dialogues between audience and performer, and collaborative processes in devising both improvised and choreographed work. Meah runs Travel Art Dance Company’s program of public classes and workshops, and also works as a freelance choreographer for a diverse range of independent works.

Liz Bryant

Liz has been dancing for as long as she can remember. As a small child, Liz would dance and choreograph for anyone who would watch. She began formal ballet lessons at the age of 4 and subsequently trained in contemporary, jazz, character and lyrical dance styles, took class at the Australian Ballet School and was invited to study dance full time at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. She has taken part in numerous performances around Melbourne, including with Christine Barratt’s Moving Words Dance Project.

In 2007 Liz joined Travel Art Dance Company, and this began her transition into the incredible world of creative dance and improvisation. Liz finds improvisation in a performance context thrilling and terrifying at the same time! She takes inspiration from many aspects of her daily life including her young daughter and her work as an Architect.

Edgar Caballero Aspe

After exploring ways of bringing dance into his own movement practice through salsa, contemporary dance and contact improvisation, Edgar joined Travel Art Dance Company in 2014. Edgar has a strong background in acrobatics and yoga, and has been an active member of Melbourne’s Acroyoga community since 2011. Edgar believes that all movement practices can be part of a wellbeing path, and in recent years Edgar has been facilitating Acroyoga workshops and classes for beginners as well as more experienced groups.

Edgar’s most significant dance and movement experiences have come since working with Travel Art Dance Company, where he has found a channel to incorporate acrobatic movement into meaningful dance expression. Edgar is honoured to be part of the group, and to embrace the challenges of improvisation and solo performance as part of his own movement journey.

Caley Finn

Caley’s dance background is in improvisation, and he has been dancing at Mangala Studios of Yoga and Creative Dance since early childhood. He has also trained in yoga, circus skills (aerial, acrobatics, tumbling) and capoeira, and has been dancing and performing with Travel Art Dance Company since 2003.

Nellie Montague

Nellie’s dance journey began in the womb, as a baby in the pre-natal classes at Mangala Studios of Yoga and Creative Dance. Nellie has performed in many Mangala Studios performances over the years, her favourite being when she got to be Ariadne and dance through a human labyrinth. Nellie has been taking classes with Travel Art Dance Company since 2013 and she joined the performing group in 2016. Nellie’s dance experience has also included a recent dive into the exciting world of voguing with Cult Dance Melbourne! Movement and yoga have been an integral part of Nellie’s life and body journey, and she has immensely enjoyed dancing and performing with Travel Art Dance Company over the past 3 years.

Thao Nguyen

Thao has a fascination with dance and movement, starting with formal classes at the Tony Bartuccio School of Dance and developing a keen interest in the Feldenkrais Method as part of his professional career. He has been performing with Travel Art Dance Company for over 10 years and continues to enjoy the creative challenges that improvisation conjures for the group.

Kelly Way

Kelly has danced for as long as she can remember, training in classical ballet, jazz and contemporary dance in Adelaide before pursuing tertiary studies in dance at the Victorian College of the Arts. Since graduating in 2002, Kelly has worked professionally with many performers, choreographers and artists all with a range of different styles and intentions. Some highlights include performing with aka Dance Company codirected by Anna Smith and Robin Penty in the Regional Arts Victoria Arts2Go touring program and the Melbourne International Arts Festival as a part of John Cage’s Musicircus, Liquidskin Dance Company directed by Rochelle Carmichael, Moving Words Dance Project directed by Christine Barratt and collaborating with artist Rehgan de Mather to perform a solo work for the opening of his exhibition Dancing with Death.

After a short break from dance to undertake further study, Kelly has been dancing with Travel Art Dance Company since 2017, embarking on a new exploration of improvised creative movement and performance. Through her experience, she believes dance is truly cathartic, with endless possibilities and she aspires to spread its benefits to a wider audience.

Marlena Raymond

Marlena grew up dancing at Mangala Studios of Yoga and Creative Dance, Melbourne. Yoga’s inner focus intrigues her to find internal motivation for movement and to harness form for the purpose of embodying feeling. Marlena appreciates dance as an antidote to a cognitive and language-centric world, allowing her to sink into connection, to express, to play, to heal and make meaning. Dance takes her to her humanness.

Marlena studied at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, The University of Melbourne from 2009 to 2012 and at the Australian National Academy of Music in 2006. She holds an Orff Schulwerk level 1 certificate. She performs with Travel Art Dance Company and Theatre Playroom, a project with theatre maker, Elnaz Sheshgelani.